My teaching interests are teaching practices for undergraduate math courses.  In particular, I am interested in methods of introducing practical applications, modern computing methods, and scientific writing into the curriculum.

Courses Taught

University of Illinois at Chicago


University of Saskatchewan

Courses TA'ed

University of Saskatchewan

MATH101     Quantitative Reasoning 

MATH110     Calculus  I

MATH116     Calculus  II

MATH123     Calculus  I  for Engineers

MATH124     Calculus  II  for Engineers

MATH164     Introduction to Linear Algebra

MATH225     Calculus  III

MATH226     Calculus  IV

MATH223     Calculus  III  for Engineers

MATH224     Calculus  IV  for Engineers

University of Toronto

MAT135     Calculus  1A 

MAT136     Calculus  1B